I got admission into the University to study pharmacy.
I had to stay off camp because I wasn’t used to saying with lots of people in the same room…
Though, the cost of a room off campus is so expensive, I needed someone who I can share with, so we would split the rent.

I found someone, Vera.

Vera is a very nice girl, same shape as me and same height.
I found out that we clicked immediately and became so close as months went by.

Vera became my very best friend.
My friends are her friends, my enemies are her enemies.
She hates seeing me hurt.
Infact, she was like a sister I never had…

Months got by, and we had good neighbours who we spend some time with after lectures.
Some days, we would gist about school, our love lives, family etc
Everyone showed off their boyfriend’s except me.

Well, I wasn’t ready to be in any relationship though. So what’s my own na….

Oh, did I forget to tell you my name? I’m Fifi.

One day, Vera and I were so bored and we had to stroll somewhere to help our self out of boredom.
On our way back, a car, stopped beside us and offered us a lift.
Well, we agreed and entered.

The guy was so cute! He introduced himself as Desmond.
Desmond asked for our names, we told him.
I noticed he was more interested in Vera than I.

He asked for Vera’s number which she gave him and he promised to call her the next day which she was ok with…
Then he stopped us in front of our logde and drove off.

Oh, did I tell you that people loves Vera?
Sometimes people just see her and Favour her with either cash or gifts.

I keep asking what Vera did to get this kind of likeness..

Sometimes, I withdraw from her. She outshines me when I’m with her. So I try to stay away from her so I would shine too..

Did I tell you about her social media handle? On Facebook, Vera has thousands of followers…
On twitter, same
On instagram same too…
But she is not a celebrity.
Vera is from a poor home. Her dad is a retired civil servant, while her mum is a business woman……
Awesome, i wonder what she posts that gives her this attention…. I asked myself.
I had to start sending request to all her friends which she wasn’t against.
Every passing day, her followers increase.

But yet, I was just there. No one looked my side like they do to hers.

One good day, I wanted to know how Vera met her boyfriend and know everything about him.
She says her boyfriend’s name is Collins..
How did you meet Collins? I asked Vera.
Vera smiled. She looked at me, and laughed so hard.
I was dumbfounded….
Why are you laughing like a witch na… I asked.

She said, nothing, that I would be surprised how she met her boyfriend and I’ll be more surprised that they haven’t seen face to face …

Hian! I exclaimed.

Which kind relationship be that na? As in you are in a relationship with someone for almost two years and you to haven’t met? I asked shocked at what I heard…

baby girl, yes! I haven’t seen Collins. We just chat, do video calls, calls and texts…..
She replied.
I met him on Eskimi, when I finished my SSCE.. We both got chatting and along the line we exchanged contacts….
he couldn’t come see me becaus I was staying with my parents and I didn’t have the right and privilege to travel yet…. So he told me to be patient and get admission first so that he will be free to visit and vice versa…

Collins calls every minute to hear her voice.
Her phone is always busy that I always get jealous that no guy calls me on phone to at least ask how I’m doing.

He says sweet things to her. He sends texts early in the morning and late at night..
A day without Vera getting Collins calls or text messages was like heaven was against her.

When she wakes up in the morning, she gets to read lovely messages from Collins. She became so used to him that she couldn’t wait to see him.
Collins runs his father’s company according to what Vera said.
His dad travelled for medical checkup as he was diagnosed with Hypertension some years back. So all the family responsibilities lies on Collins that’s why he hasn’t come to see his girlfriend.
He is waiting for the dad to come back to Nigeria then he will be opportune to travel down to Enugu from Lagos to see her.

Collins takes ‘ care of Vera.
She doesn’t lack anything.. He sends her gifts, recharge cards, money…….

After some months, Collins decided to come see Vera.
She was so excited..
She imagined how she would react when she sees him after all these years of blind dating..
She couldn’t wait to Kiss those lips she sees on his profile pix..
She verbalized how she imagines how he will cuddle her in his arms and say those sweet words he sends as text messages in the early hours of the day and late at night…

‘that means you will have sex with him on your first night? I asked Vera.

‘As the spirit leads…. She replied with a grin.

Hmmmm! I exclaimed! Don’t oo! You must not sleep with him na!
Show him you are well brought up.
You know all these guys remain sweet until they must have come in between your legs, then you will see how the sweetness will become bitter.
Babes, shine your eye ooo!
I warned her pulling my own ears..

‘shebi? She replied.
I don’t want him to see me as cheap.
I just pray he won’t ask for sex…… Cos i don’t want to appear cheap to him. Vera said.

It was already Friday..
The day has come for Vera to meet her online boyfriend.
She was nervous.
She made sure her hair was in order.
She already has a hotel in mind where Collins would lodge. She didn’t plan on staying with him in the hotel.

Lots of things went through her mind.
She couldn’t control herself.
She has been visiting the toilet cos of anxiety.

Then her phone rang, it was Collins….
He told her he was closeby and that she should get prepared to see him.

Her heart skipped into her stomach.
She’s the shy type though so I understand her fears.

When he called that he was in front of her logde, she took me along to come meet her boyfriend…..

We got close to Collins car, we were smiling.
Wow, he is even more cute in reality than his pictures!
His lips are…. OmG… I started falling for Collins in my heart…
I wished he was mine.

Vera greeted him and gave him a peck on his cheeks.

‘here’s my friend, Fifi, Vera said to Collins holding my hands and thighting them.
She does that when ever she is shy and talking to someone.

‘Hi Fifi, you have a cute smile….. Collins said to me.

Wow! I felt butterflies in my tummy when he said that to me.

‘really? Thanks Collins. I replied smiling sheepishly….
Vera entered into the car and Collins wanted to take us out. He insisted I join them, which I did without an eye contact with my friend to know if she is against it or not…
Well, I didn’t care. After all he is not yet her husband, i chuckled.

We went to the movies…. All through our outing, Collins was all over Vera.
They didn’t even care if I was there..
They kiss passionately in my presence without respect.
I got so angry with Vera.
She should have little respect for me na….. I thought.

Some hours later, it was already getting dark, so I had to leave The two love birds to eat up themselves….. Since they can’t wait for when they get to the hotel room..

Was I being jealous? Hell no…… I can’t be jealous na….. I said to myself..

‘Baby girl, I have to leave now…….. Make i allow una enjoy una self wella…. I held Vera’s hand smiling….
Collins, pls take good care of my friend ooo……..

Vera wasn’t happy that I wanted to leave but she needed the privacy with her guy though….

I returned to my logde and imagined what will happen at the hotel with those two..
I got so angry with myself. I looked at the mirror…. I am beautiful na! I said to myself.
Why can’t I get a good looking guy like Collins?
The ones that see me on the road and start doing all those animal noise all in the need of getting my attention are always keke drivers, taxi drivers, or small boys who don’t have respect for their elders.
See, I dress well, speak well and intelligent too! So what exactly is wrong with me??

I hated myself and cried myself to sleep……

The next day, I got a call from Vera.. Her voice was shaky. I became scared.

‘what’s the problem baby girl, I asked..

‘I’ll gist you when I get back.. Its a long story she replied.

Ok, just calm down….. See you soon…. I dropped the call.

I took my bath,had my breakfast, did my laundry, washed Veras cloths too, cleaned our shoes then I decided to go to a close by supermarket and pick some of my toiletries…

At the door of the supermarket was Desmond carrying stuffs he just bought from the supermarket.
Well, he didn’t recognise me but I did..

‘Hello Desmond, you remember me?? I asked smiling….

‘eehm, I’m so sorry, pls remind me… Desmond said smiling trying to get my face.

Hmmm, Lemme help you first and drop your groceries in your car then I’ll remind you who I am.. I said as I reached out to help with what he was carrying….

‘awww, that’s so nice of you, Desmond said.

We got to the car, he opened the booth of the car and we dropped the stuffs…

Then I asked him when last he heard from Vera.

‘Ooooooooh he exclaimed.. You are Vera’s friend! Remind me your name again…. He said

‘Yes! Fifi! He clapped his hands like he made an effort trying to remember my name..

‘How is school and everything?

‘School is fine, we bless God.

‘and you? I asked.

‘well, we bless God too. Desmond said smiling.
‘you look so radiant, so stunning…… I… I don’t know what to say, effused Desmond…..

‘ awww I’m blushing…….. Thanks Desmond.

Suddenly, we heard a Lady calling Desmond from behind.

‘I have to go now, my madam need me……. Desmond said as he left immediately.

Madam kwa?? I pondered……
Hian! Let it not be what I’m thinking ooo……

I entered the supermarket to pick my toiletries…….
Hope you are in church, I mean you

I entered the supermarket…after picking my stuffs, i went to the female attendant and asked her about Desmond…. As they say, curiosity killed the cat…… She told me that Desmond is a graduate but became a driver for a very rich family as there are no job opportunities coming forth yet…

Hian! Ok….. I thanked her for the info and left.

When I got to the lodge, Vera was already back…. Still on her shoes…….
She lay down and was crying.

‘haaaa, you are back already? I dropped my stuffs and went straight to Veras bed….. How did it go? What happened na? Why are you in this mood?
I asked….

Vera sat up, meeting my gaze, she have a deep sigh and wiped her tears….
‘when we got to the hotel, Collins and I kissed so passionately for almost twenty minutes, then he proceeded in making love to me…. Which I declined….

‘ok, so………..? I asked.

‘ I regret why I declined…. Collins Is a very nice guy….
He Is hurt at my actions…. But I’m just scared!
Scared of STDs, scared of pregnancy….. Etc….

I then suggested we go for test first, before we do anything…. Vera said…..

‘Why is he hurt na? Abegi, you did the right thing jare….
Na wa o for guys….. I said patting her at her shoulder….

‘I’m surprised Collins left without talking to me…. Vera said.
‘early this morning, he just started putting his things in order and dropped some money for me,…..
I refused collecting the money… I’m not a prostitute, and after all he didn’t do anything to me….. Vera continued…

‘as in you left the money there for him? I asked in amazement.

‘Yea, and he collected it….. She said…..
‘then he told me he is leaving, that when I freshen up, I can leave too…. That was all he said to me…. Vera cried..

‘hmmmm, calm down baby girl…. That guy ain’t real! He is a fuck boy! Very stupid boy I raged!
‘calm down you hear…..

But right in my mind, I was so happy….. At least make i rest from all these Collins noise here and there…. Haba…. I giggled.

‘ehe , by the way, guess who I saw at the supermarket today…… I turned to Vera smiling sheepishly…

‘Who? Vera asked quietly.

‘Desmond.. I chuckled….

‘oh really? That’s nice… How’s he doing na? Can’t remember when last I picked his call sef… .. Vera said…. I forgot to tell you sef, he asked me out and gave me time to think about it…. But i told him I have a boyfriend yet he won’t give up.
‘really, don’t agree ooo…. I replied Vera.

‘Why? She asked in curiosity.

‘Because he is a driver! Desmond is a driver to a rich family….. Though he is a graduate but Nne, he doesn’t have money na…..
We need to be upgrading and not denoting ourselves……. I said…..

I gisted Vera everything, and immediately she deleted Desmond’s number from her phone…..

Vera said Collins hasn’t called her to at least tell her he arrived safely and he isn’t picking her calls either…
It broke her down. She wasn’t that lively again…
Is he just wanted to hear Collins voice.

Then her phone rang…… She rushed to pick without looking at the number……she wished it was Collins maybe he used someone else’s line as the number wasn’t saved..

It was Desmond….
Desmond thanked God that she picked his call today as he has been calling her since morning and she didn’t pick..
Probably that was when she was still in the hotel….

My friend broke down. She kept dialing Collins number, yet he had refused to pick….

After some days, I was tempted to steal Collins number from her phone and try my luck.
I succeeded and at first I lied to him about being an old friend of his..
I immediately changed my whatsapp profile pix so he won’t know I’m the one..

That was how my story with Collins began……

I started chatting with Collins… Even though he didn’t know I was the one..
I took it step by step….

We graduated into calling each other…. I never saved his phone number for fear of getting caught by Vera….

Yet, Collins haven’t yet started calling Vera nor picking her calls.
She had to move on.
The heart break was so much on her… It affected her relationship with people her posts on Facebook etc…
But how do I care? It’s my turn to play my card well….

Months later, Desmond was still asking Vera out. She decided to give him a chance., just to use him and pass time… Not that she would be serious with him though.
She told him about Collins and how everything affected her.
Desmond promised to be her best friend and someone she can always count on…
My friend got her groove back gradually..

Though Desmond wasn’t buoyant yet but I swear, he takes care of her….
But yet my friend still calls Collins who still haven’t picked her calls..
Though sometimes she gets ashamed knowing that she’s dating a common driver…..

At some point, I asked Collins if he had a girlfriend, he said yes but that they were not in talking terms, that he wants to teach her a lesson.
I would talk in phone with Collins for long. I knew I made him happy.

Vera noticed my phone have been busy lately.. She wanted to know who my new boyfriend is…. But of course how will I tell her it’s Collins…. No I can’t.
I had to fake a story of how I met some guy like that……. And she believed me but still wanted my boyfriend to come so she would get to know him too.

After about some months of chatting with Collins…… He started talking about coming to see me which I objected…

I instead opted to travel to lag to see him.. Which he gladly accepted…

I lied to Vera that I was going to see my parents so she won’t suspect I was going elsewhere…

Collins paid for my flight ticket to Lagos and I travelled to lag to see him.

When I got to lag, he came to pick me up at the airport…
On seeing me, he thought it was a coincidence….. But i approached him with confidence…

‘Aaahaaa, are you not Fifi?? He asked looking surprised.

I smiled sheepishly and gave him a hug first..
He was still confused….

‘what are you doing in lag na, he asked.
‘I came to see you…. I replied.

‘Hahahahah, you must be joking right? He asked. …….

‘so who do you think you came to pick up here? I ain’t joking na….. I said.

Collins reached for his phone inside his pocket and dialled my number, and my phone rang in front of him..
I showed him and he believed..
But he was angry I played him…

He helped with my small box and we headed for the car..

On our way, he didn’t say anything to me. I started apologizing to him.
I told him that if he had known it was me he wouldn’t have chatted with me….
He would have thought I’m on a mission to settle him and Vera and won’t ever reply my chats or calls..

‘so you ain’t on a peace mission right? He asked….

I just smiled and tried to change the topic.

After a long drive, I broke the silence with a tenuous giggle that provoked a twisted smile on Collins.

‘so how have you been? I asked Collins…
‘very well dear…. He replied.

We talked about so many things and laughed about them….

‘eeehm, i don’t have anything at home, so we would just branch in a fast food and get something you could eat…..

‘fastfood?? No no, I react to foods I didn’t cook….. I replied..

‘hwuh? He looked at me….

‘yea yea, that’s me…. I hardly eat outside…… I replied

‘wow! collins looked at me amazed still driving….
‘It’s no big deal o…. Thats how I live…. I said smiling.

We got to the house.
It’s such a big house in a wide and spacious compound….
Collins loves Dogs….
There were about 3 Rottweilers in the compound…

‘OmG! I hate dogs! I screamed….

‘ hahaha, you have got to like dogs o…. They are man’s only friend you know.
‘no no, not these types that look like Lions na…. I said.
‘I’m not coming down from this car until these dogs are chained….

‘Collins laughed, came down from the car… The way the dogs rushed to welcome him was amazing. He played a little with the dogs and put them back into their respective cages…..

I came down from the car…
His security guy has already taken my things inside the sitting room……

‘wow! You have a very nice place…..I said as I looked round the sitting room in just few seconds.
I fell in love with his place….. So neat…. OmG…

Collins sitting room has a solid oac bone floor, white walls with white curtains.
He has photos of the family in a black frame and a white chandelier type of light..
A large Sofa with a Zebra pattern, and in one corner is a huge plasma TV and in the other corner is a quadrant shaped aquarium…

‘you are welcome to my humble place…. Collins said from behind me. He walked past me, and proceeded in showing me the visitors room…

‘me? In the visitors room? I chuckled quietly….
‘well, na small small shaa, i said to myself.

‘wow! Is this where I would stay? I asked Collins who noded his head smiling at me…
‘It’s too beautiful, but too big for me…. I said..
‘I don’t stay alone oo…. I’m too scared of staying alone…. I hope you ain’t planning on keeping me here and going to your room…. I continued.

‘hahaha, Collins laughed….. Ofcourse not….. Just freshen up so we could stroll down to the mini market and pick up stuffs you will cook for dinner..

‘ok dear….. Ill be out in a giffy..
I closed the door and started unpacking my stuffs from my box.

After unpacking my things I sat on the large bed and took in a deep breath. I was going to take my time and act meticulously, even in my dressing. At this thought I sprang from the bed and went to work. I selected the preferred outfit for this stroll. A pink bum short and a white loose t-shirt that dangled just a little above my waist, and a pink lipstick to compliment it..

Thank goodness for the mirror at the far end of the room, by the dressing table, it boosted my confidence. I turned my back to the mirror and pushed my buttocks up, I slapped it gently in appreciation… Ooops, killer instincts… Ready for action.

I hesitated at the door with a hand on the knob before turning it gently. I eased myself into the sitting and found him watching Zee World. He had heard me enter the sitting room so he muttered something and impatiently and grumpily picked up the remote controller and switched off the TV- I still can’t fathom where men’s detestation for Zee World is rooted.

“You surprised me,” he started saying without looking at me, “you didn’t take too much time unlike all the other women I’ve…”
At this point he had turned to look at me standing with my t-shirt knotted just above my belly button and the sleeves rolled up a bit. He was gaping in the middle of his sentence, just what I’d hoped for. I giggled and shifted from side to side swaying my firm buttocks as his eyes ravaged me almost palpably.

“You’re staring…” I hated to pull him out of his trance, but that was cool anyway.
“Oh…Sorry, you’re…gorgeous. I really can’t find the perfect word.”

“Hey, please stop…” I smiled from cheek to cheek. “Shall we?” I indicated in the direction of the exit door.

“Yeah, you first.” He angled his head in a gentlemanly goad.

I loved it like this, because I had another chance to show the trunk of my G-wagon. I could feel his eyes drawing patterns on my back as I left the house with him trailing behind obediently..

The stroll was full of random discussions from a little bit of politics drawn from the state of the nation’s economy to trending celebrity gists. We finally got to the supermarket and we walked through the glass doors into the well illuminated state of the art supermarket. The way they greeted him made it obvious he wasn’t new to them but what struck me the more was how they looked at me. The sales girls smiled back at me and threw compliments my way. I was wondering when I became such a radiant beauty to be complimented in such manner, or was it because of Collins? Maybe they thought I was his girlfriend… Oh that’s it. A little glance Collins’s way caught him grinning at the girls’ compliments. Oh dear, it was working. He seemed to like my rapport with the girls as I picked the things for dinner- a pepper soup rice with goat meat would create a romantic atmosphere, I’d thought. I threw in a few jokes and everyone guffawed, Collins the biggest culprit.

The walk back home was a bit briskier as we were feeling famished already. While he carried the larger grocery bag, I had the smaller one. I occasionally and deliberately bumped into his arm so they made contact with my oranges, I would act like I didn’t​ know what I was doing, just innocent and free. His jokes cracked me up though.

As soon as we arrived the house, I took the bags from him and headed straight to the kitchen. Wow! Every woman’s dream kitchen. Thank God for a little bit of exposure and the internet, moreso, our so must detested Zee World and Telemundo, they made the kitchen look familiar. I quickly went to the sink to wash the goat meat.

Collins opted to help me which I deceitfully, reluctantly accepted. I just wanted to keep his entire attention on me, focus… Perhaps his intention was to help ready the meal faster but who cares, I wanted him close enough for my script to be complete. So I told him the things he could help me do, careful enough not to make him lose interest. We continued to gist and I realised he lit up and was excited when we talked about business. Hmmm, he’d always been like that… How could I have e forgotten. Business all the way. I discussed business like I was Okonjo Iweala’s P.A, what did I know? I learnt a lot from him nevertheless.

He was explaining the principles of forex trade when my phone rang. It was Vera. I tried to ignore but he urged me to pick up.

“It’s Vera. I can’t take the call now, at least not now.” I paled in a cautious feign of guilt. I noticed Collins grimaced and went to fetch something from the fridge.

He returned with a bottle of juice and drank from the bottle….

“What’s the matter?” I broke the uneasy silence.
He hesitated and kept drinking from his bottle.
“Sorry if I somehow came in between…”

“Hey, it’s okay. It wasn’t your making.”

I kept silent and watched the boiling pot as if my eyes was the heat that kept it boiling….

As if my silence urged him on, he seemed to have a burden to continue. He laid the bottle down on the kitchen and leaned on his side. “It’s quite disappointing when someone you thought you loved turned out to be something totally different. I’m still surprised you are friends with her. I still can’t believe what happened that night.”

My eyes almost jumped out of their sockets. “What..?”

I dished and served the rice and goat meat pepper soup on the dining table. He was waiting already, absent mindedly watching the TV. The silence was eery and made the room quite uneasy. But the aroma of the meal left some hope in the air, makes one breathe in and out..

We talked about Vera over the meal. He wasn’t discreet about what it was Vera did, but somehow, it was a case of misplaced identity, or split personality. I was wondering what it could be Vera had posed to be that she actually wasn’t that turned Collins off. I never got to read their chats or pay too much attention to their long conversations, but whatever it was emanated from there.

But then again, what do I care? Fifi doesn’t give a lame shit. I can be anything for Collins. I mean anything. What was Vera thinking? But come to think of it, I knew what ever it was, Vera was a good girl to the core but one can never tell these days. Fifi, that was all in the past, the task ahead needed all the energy to work it out, not to dwell on the past.

Collins had moved on and so had Vera, here I was with the man of my dreams. I assured him I was going to make him forget his past. We locked gazes for a while as he searched my eyes inquisitively.
“Are you sure about this?” He enquired, seeking assurance.
I nodded slowly.

Satisfied, a smile lined his lips and ended in a smirk. Whatever it was he meant by that, I felt I was at the top of my game.

I cleared the dishes, washed them and retreated to my room to clean up. I felt rejuvenated after the warm shower. I changed into a short silk baby pink tiny strap night gown that was barely long enough to cover my thighs and bum. A glance at the mirror gave me comfort in my exposed protrusion of two pointing towers with the large area of cleavage exposure… Silent night, Holy night- it kept echoeing in my head as I stepped into the sitting room. I went to the kitchen and returned to the sitting room with oranges and a pen knife in a tray.

He was seated on the double couch, so I joined him. He had tuned in to one of the romance series from an alien channel, so I queued in and asked questions to be updated while I peeled the oranges and gave him some. He had bathed also and changed into his pyjamas which was a checkered sleeveless robe with a long V-neck that exposed his chest area. Collins was damn sexy, I just wanted to kiss those soft lips.

We kept making occasional eye contacts while we discussed the soap we were watching together, something people do often that I’m yet to understand why. How we unconsciously shifted until we closed the gap between us only sharing of the oranges could explain. When I had just one left we argued over who would have that one.

“I’ve only licked three now but you have licked almost ten, it’s not fair,” he said pitiably.
“Haba, how many oranges did I even bring here that I’m licking ten?” I laughed. “You can lie for the whole world…”

We resorted to sharing the orange, so I halved the orange and gave him one half, but he hesitated and insisted I feed him. I smiled and obliged. If only he knew how excited I was to do that. He was leaning backward towards the arm of the chair with his stretched legs on the table so I had to go all the way leaning over him to feed him the orange. As I made the only possible motion towards his mouth, I could feel the rim of my gown gape to reveal my dangling boobs. I caught him stealing glances and smiling to himself. I suppressed the smile that was forcing it’s way through me.

With a hungry swiftness, he grabbed my buttocks and shoved me into himself. I found myself lying flat against his chest and close enough to feel his breath. He grabbed my head and planted a deep wet kiss on my lips… With those lips I often dreamt about, Collins just kissed me…

To be continued…

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