He tasted of the sweet oranges. The kiss was deepened with every motion of our tongues. He pressed me against himself, making my boobs rub against his chest and against my silk gown.

The feeling was sensational, especially as he rubbed against my firm buttocks since my gown had already slid high up from the ruffling we were engaged in. He moved his legs unto the couch so I was lying symmetrically on top of him.

The groping and deep kissing continued with him pulling down my straps to gain access to my waiting oranges. I let out a soft moan as his hand made contact with my left boob.

He squeezed gently and I moaned a little louder. I became aware of his groin area as the bulge propped me up significantly. Collins was blessed in that domain. The thought of that thing propping me up like that left me in a slight disarray.

He brought me back from my brief reverie, even inside a very ecstatic moment, when he kissed my neck and found his way to my bared nipples. He kissed them like they were all that mattered to him. I clung to him, wrapping my arms around his head, lost in the warmth of his mouth over my nipples. I just wanted to die for the first time in my life. My moans accelerated into half screams when he located my pant and began tugging at it. He made it to my drooping wetness. I wanted to explode…

Hmmmm… I reacted to his torment by locating his erection from under his nightwear. My hand felt like I was handling an electric pole. I couldn’t wait to have him inside me. From the way he panted under me, I could tell he felt the same way. Adrenaline was pumping, evident in the throbbing of his warm, veined erection. We were high and uncontrollable at this point. Our wanton desires had a better part of us.

He quickly turned the table in a swift movement. Before I could say Jack, I was lying with my buttocks propped in front of his throbbing rod. He positioned me well and slowly slid his hardness into me.
Awww… I hate to remember and reminisce on this feeling of complete fulfilment. He rode me from behind in accelerating speed until we were both yelling in forlorn exctasy. He continued to gratify his horniness while sending me all the way to cloud nine like a rocket on a mission to explode my long time starvation.

He rode me until we both came. Little did I know the journey just began. He carried me into my room, the guest room, and threw me on the bed. He undressed me until there was no fabric left on me, his eyes lit with desire. He pulled his nightwear and pair of boxers and dangled that fierce and ruthless beast in front of me.

“What now?” I enquired with a knowing smile.
He smiled from the corner of his lips and said, “our night just began.”

He joined me on the bed and the red night continued. From giving heads to blow jobs and several rounds of unrestrained sex. I was my malleable personality for Collins, assuming ​any shape and position, trying out every style that came to mind. He was well experienced and capable, never tired out one bit. I felt sore in my vagina but never wanted to spoil the night. Not until we slept off in the wee hours of the morning did I get a chance to rest.

When I woke up in the morning, it was almost twelve o’Clock and Collins was nowhere to be found. I smiled to myself at the thought of the events of the previous night. How else could heaven be defined? I stretched and felt a slight headache from a corner of my head and yearned for water to drink.

Just a little distance from me, my phone rang. It was a text message alert. I opened to find Vera asking me to call her, she sounded urgent.

I hadn’t picked Vera’s calls and hardly replied her chats so she was worried and simply irritated by my actions. I didn’t want to give out my location in anyway whatsoever. I would be leaving Lagos in a bit and back so I had to plan what I’d tell her. Vera’s instincts scared me, perhaps they’d been talking to her to warrant the way she’d been acting.
My stay with Collins was awesome and a wonderful experience. He fell in love with me after that first night. He explained that my willingness to go all the way with him attracted him to me. We did several silly things like making out in almost every nook and cranny of the house. Quickies became our drinking water. He had a very high libido and would stop at nothing to get his gratification.

Collins was a naughty fellow, a very naughty one, in a good way though, apparently I might say, at least not until one could feel otherwise. One of the memories I had that has stuck was one created at the cinema where we went to see a movie. In the middle of the movie, he made me stroke him in the dimlit hall till he came. The scent of his ejaculation almost betrayed us if not for the small bottle of fragrance I’d brought with me that saved the day. All the time in the cinema, his hands were on my breasts, caressing and squeezing.

I was meant to last only three days with Collins but with his persuasion, I lasted one whole week. One week of unholy and erotic escapades. One week of routine rounds of sex and all related with it. The only time I said no to him was when he suggested we do anal. OMG!

That thing can’t make it through my back hole. He grimaced and left angrily but later came to apologize and explained he understood.

On the day I was supposed to leave, Collins had booked a 17:30 flight for me. I was alone in the house after he left for work. As I was cleaning the house, something struck my mind, it occured to me that in all our adventures around every corner of the house, I had never entered his bedroom. He locked it each time he had to leave the house without me. I was simply curious because I had trusted Collins hundred percent already. I just wanted to see what his room looked like, I wanted to see how I could relate his closet to his personality. All our lovemaking had taken place in my own bedroom- the guest room.

I tried the knob and to my surprise, it opened. I wanted to shove the door and enter but hesitated. What is it I was wary about? What could it be I was longing to see. Perhaps he was just being meticulous like every other gentleman. What if I displaced​ something and he discovered it and became enraged. What would be my defence? I startled as my phone suddenly rang.

Collins was calling me just to ascertain if his bae was doing good and not feeling bored. I explained I was good and just cleaning the house and preparing the things for my departure. He didn’t like to hear that I was leaving. He dropped after blowing me a kiss over the phone.

Alright, I returned to the house from the love conversation and faced with the door in front of me. Without thinking any further, I shoved the door inside gently until there was enough space for me to slide in.

The room was dim and warm. I guess the air conditioner hadn’t been put to use for a while, perhaps since my arrival. I groped for the switch just above my head and turned on the lights.

Oh My God!
The sight that greeted my eyes left me gaping. I stood spellbound for some seconds gazing at the orgy sight of Collins’s room. My phone startled me with a loud ring and I justled to pick up but not before retreating from the room and shutting the door.
“Fifi, where are you?” Collins’s voice twittered from the other end.
“Uhmmm, I told you before… I’m cleaning.” I replied, trying to steady from voice. He just called me a while ago, what else could he want?
“Yeah, yeah, I know. Ehm, just leave whatever you are doing and go to the supermarket. I need you to pick some things for me from there. You know, some beverages and toiletries.”
“But we just restocked​ all those things recently?”
“Yes I know. Just do as I say and stop asking questions. Go right away. Just tell any of the sales girls the bill is on me. Go now Fifi, I’ll make a call to them right away.” He paused and hastily added, “You can pick anything else you might need. Just go.”

The line died with a click. I stood pondering over everything and rushed back to my room leaving the cleaning I was doing. I did as he said and before I returned from the supermarket, he was back and waiting for me. He hugged me and informed me that he had change of plans so had to rebook my flight for a 15:30 trip. I didn’t understand the haste in his voice even when in the car on our way to the airport. But in all, I was more concerned about what I saw in Collins’s room.

All through my journey back to my base, I only thought of how to get Vera to tell me exactly why it didn’t work out.

Did I say Collins fell in love with me after that night? Well, we started a serious relationship with every effort to keep Vera out of it. She never knew it was Collins I was dating. I had to show her an imaginary picture, or rather a random picture I took from the internet as my boyfriend and had to follow the guy up on Facebook to keep stealing his pictures and front him as my boo to Vera.

When I returned, she was acting strange and became too inquisitive. She had wanted to know everything going on in my life. Whatever talked to her that was her instinct was always going to be dangerous. I kept my cards and played them well. She gradually forgot about Collins and was doused in Desmond’s love. He had turned out to be a great guy after all, very caring and a perfect gentleman. Each time I felt like to envy her, something at the back of my mind told me I had a greater guy in my Collins.

I’m not totally heartless as many would invisage, I always took justification from the fact that I wasn’t part of the reason Collins left Vera. I was just the lucky one to have him for myself. Vera would never have let me have him anyway, so no need telling her about it. My love for Collins overshadowed my conscience towards my friend Vera. But still, I needed her to tell me why it didn’t work out between them. Somehow, I was worried. I didn’t want to ponder over if I was really towing the right path. But then, the popular phrase, ‘much ado about nothing’ would just creep into my mind and stay. It didn’t work out between them because they were never meant for each other, perhaps it was simply divine. Collins was meant for me while Vera was simply the instrument used to make it happen. I smiled at this revelation.

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months and we both graduated. Desmond was now engraved in Vera’s heart and sung on her lips everyday. How I wished I could sing Collins in this manner also. Well thank goodness we were graduating and soon we’d separate and go our own ways, then I’d be free to visit Collins and do as I like with him.

Few days before we left the school finally, Vera returned home excited and threw herself on the bed…

“Babe this one you are jumping about like this, what’s up now?”

“Guess what?” She beamed.

“You know I’m not good at guesses, just go ahead and tell me.” I urged her impatiently.

“Okay, Desmond just got a new job in Shell Petroleum.” She announced in a hushed voice.

I cupped my mouth with my hand to muffle a scream and we rushed to hug ourselves on impulse. She told me he’d be coming to pick us up for dinner that night.

Desmond, the graduate driver, now a Shell worker? Soon he’d be driving pick up jeeps like the many other colleagues of his. This was going to be a complete turn around. I didn’t know how to feel at all. I even thought I felt nauseous at some point.

We dressed up and waited for Desmond to arrive for the outing. We had planned to have dinner at a very cozy and expensive restaurant before heading to Silverbird to see a movie together. I was reluctant to go but couldn’t find any tangible excuse not to. My stomach churned from displeasure. Not because I didn’t like as Desmond got the job but mainly because I had written him off, and advised Vera against dating him. No one would have wished to be in that situation.


“Yeah,” she continued preening and perfecting her blushes.

“Something just came to my mind and I felt like asking.”

“What is it baby?” She shot a quick glance at me and continued her art, she was good at it though. “Shoot.”

“What really happened between you and Collins that night when he came to visit?”

She paused and arced her brow thoughtfully, “which Collins?”

Like seriously? What was she feeling like? She had moved on this much…over Collins? Her sleepless nights and nightmares? I couldn’t hide my astonishment.
“Like seriously you’ve forgotten Collins? How many Collins do you know again that came visiting and had a….’Night’ with you?” I emphasised on the ‘Night’ with an ‘okay’ gesture high above my head with both hands.

“Oh that.” She paled and withdrew from the mirror to look me in the eyes, squarely. “Babe, don’t you think this is the wrongest time to ask me this question?”

I could see the pain in her reaction. She just feigned to have forgotten, she wasn’t totally over him yet.

“I’m sorry, but like I said, I’ve been wanting to ask but keep forgetting. I’m really curious.”

“Well I thought I told you that day what happened?”

“Yeah, but I feel it’s way beyond that. Look, that story was too cheap to make me believe it although I did at that time but come to think of it, a friendship and dating that lasted that long online to just snap and end in one brief, holy night that was supposed cement it… Oh baby, that’s a cheap pill to sell.”

Vera heaved a sigh and obviously looked exasperated by my persistence. “So what’s the sudden interest in Collins after all this time?” She enquired, searching my eyes…

“I told you, just curiosity. Sorry I brought it up at the… wrongest time like you put it. You know what, just forget it if you don’t want to tell me. It’s okay.”

“Okay fine, I’ll tell you.” He sighed and looked downward. “Collins is a great guy… was a great guy. You know I loved him so much, yeah so so much, but I discovered a side of him I couldn’t put up with. I said some things to him that night that made me feel so bad afterwards. It’s the guilt of the things I said that have made me always call his number. But to date him again, never.”

The last sentence left me in shock… NEVER. “What was it you discovered about him?”
She sighed again and was about to speak when the door bell rang. “He’s here. Desmond.”

Oh no! She didn’t wait another second before scurrying to the door to let in Desmond. She was all frantic and excited again. I’d never seen my friend in that mood ever. The remaining part of that night was tormentuos for me ….

How could we have known the night held more surprises? If I had known, I would have avoided the outing. All the same, it was awesome nevertheless​.

Desmond had other plans which we never saw coming. Just after the meal, he asked us to come spend some time with him at the roof top of the hotel where we had dinner. He said it was a good sight and was good for relaxation. We used the elevator to the roof top and waited patiently for the sliding doors to divide. It did eventually and exposed us to one of the most aesthetic and heartwarming experiences of my life.

Rose flowers carpeted a narrow track that bent towards the left with glowing luminous decorations that decorated the flanks of the rose path. We were perplexed and turned Desmond’s way who had halved his face with a broad smile.

“Shall we?” He indicated in the direction forward with a gentlemanly bow. His smile was radiant and brilliant and lined his jaws into a cowboy masculinity. Why were the best things for Vera alone? I thought and shrugged it off almost immediately.

We eased ourselves into the space and followed the track lead to where it bent to the left. Ahead of us was a glowing art of Christmas lights with the shape of a heart. A smoke machine began to smoke and clouded the area where the lights were glowing. Then the fireworks were let out into the air far above us. We read the write up it formed and before I could turn to look at my friend, she had broken down in tears…


When she raised her face again, Desmond was kneeling with one knee and a white little box which he held out before her. When he opened it, the little golden ring with a small diamond stone shimmered against the glowing lights before our eyes. I fought and won the urge to stretch out my finger not minding the words that would come with it. Oh Vera, which God created you?

“My love,” Desmond began to say, “I set all of this up with the first allowances I was paid after training, not because it’s what you would want, but because I can’t explain how much you mean to me but try to show it anyhow I can. Trust me, you’re the reason I got this job. Ever since you came into my life, it’s been goodnews in the morning, good luck in the evening. I want nothing else but to spend the rest of my life with the woman that brought light to my life… Vera, will you marry me?”

Vera was sobbing uncontrollably when he was done. I felt tears trickling down my cheeks and wiped with my thumb to save my make-up.

“Yes… Yes.. yes baby. I will marry you. I will be that woman by your side through thick and thin.” She put out her middle finger and Desmond slid the ring on it. Her eyes gleamed as she admired the precious stone shimmering against the glowing lights. Desmond rose and they locked in a tight embrace to the applause of a small crowd in a shrouded corner of the roof top.

He had invited a few friends too. We were deceived by the lights as we followed them to the stage oblivious of the quiet audience that observed from the dark corners. I stood smiling amidst the tears that ran down my cheeks, wondering how Vera was feeling.
We got around to meeting Desmond’s friends and colleagues who had honoured his invitation. When he introduced Dickson to me, he hesitated before disengaging from the handshake we had.

After the introduction and exchange of pleasantries, Dickson never left me side. We acquainted well and got into deep discussions. He is a doctor and that was what made it easier since I studied pharmacy, we had a lot to talk about. His sense of humour was unique so much that he made me forget the time. He had one of the most perfect dentition I’d ever seen, about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders. Dickson was a perfect gentleman with his plastic eye glasses that gave him the looks of a professor. I didn’t want the night to end but it did anyway. We toasted to their success and wished them well.

Dickson drove me back home as Vera had to go home with Desmond. For real, all through that night, I cried. I loved what happened at the hotel roof top. I dreamt that night… A very long fairy dream. But then, in the wee hours of the morning, everything changed.

In my dream, I saw Collins sitting with his back to me. I kept on calling him but he didn’t answer. When I approached him and tapped his back, he made an abrupt turn and shot me a glare that stood every hair on my body. His jaw bones stood firm and his temple was wrinkled. He looked like a man out for a kill. I jolted and woke up with that. Beads of sweat soaked my body and my bed. I was so petrified.

Wedding plans for Vera and Desmond kicked off and guess who would be the chief bride’s maid- your guess is as good as mine. We went shopping and bought all the things for the wedding. Everything was expensive but Desmond didn’t budge, he gave us money so liberally I was wondering if it were just the money from Shell he was using for the wedding.

Then I learnt his community of friends were a group of money reeling lads. One of his bosses had promised to grant him a Class A wedding ceremony, since colleagues from the company were going to be present. That also meant he had to spend without worries as he would certainly make over ten folds of whatever he’d spent.

I was by Vera’s side all the time until the wedding day. Meanwhile, Collins had been on my neck to come visit him again. I told him I had to be around for Vera’s wedding. He had to wait until after the wedding and I’d be all his. He didn’t like the idea but seemed to have no other choice.

On the eve of the wedding, after we had retreated to our hotel rooms- Vera had insisted we slept in the same room and I liked the idea, since I’d have the chance to find out from her why it didn’t work out with Collins. The very thing we’d never had the chance to talk about again, one that had left me in trepidation of the future.

I had barely left the shower when she came in. Vera looked tired and needed a bath​ and rest. I told her and she admitted and went straight to the shower. I changed into my nightie and started watching the TV. It was a reality show. I was almost engrossed when my phone rang. It was Dickson.

He was at the bachelor’s Eve party and was wondering why I wasn’t there. I told him I wanted to rest and prepare for the D-day.
“So do you mind me coming over to pick you up?” He asked.

Dickson was just irresistible but I needed time to talk to Vera. I didn’t notice Vera step out of the bathroom. She grunted to announce her presence. I turned to look at her amidst my indecision and she winked and nodded her head.

Conspiracy! I made a jeering face at her.

“Hello! I’m still here.” Dickson’s voice twittered from the other end.

“Oh, okay. But I wouldn’t want to stay out for long.” I replied and heard a muffled “yes” on the other end.

In a few minutes he had arrived and was poking his head round the door. I had dressed up and went to join him. We went down and into his car then drove off. We drove around town idly, buried in a very deep conversation. When we got to Chisel Park, he parked and asked for a walk. I obliged, after all he was fun to be with.

He held my hand as we walked through the brilliant park with fountains and flowers and lights everywhere. Music crooned from the speakers hidden at strategic parts of the park. Other couples had either sat of strolled around the park. We found a free casted seat and sat down.

“Do you like this place?” He asked.
“Sure,” I searched around with a thin smile at the corner of my lips. “It’s so romantic I must confess. I hate to be here.”

“You do? I can’t believe you just said that.” He shot me an incredulous stare. “Who doesn’t like romance?”

“Maybe me.” I chuckled. “Well, it would have been perfect if I had come with my boyfriend.”
He smiled and looked away briefly. “Yeah, Vera told me you have a boyfriend. So where is he?”

“I don’t wanna talk about him,” I snapped.

“So what do you wanna talk about?”

“Just anything else, maybe you if you don’t mind.”

“There’s only a little about me that you don’t know. I think I’ve told you all.” He folded his arms.
“Hmmm? Sure? No girlfriend, fiancée, or even a crush?”

He smiled. “I’m just a young man who’s in love with a woman and doesn’t know how best to tell her.”
I laughed hard. “Who’s this girl? Come on, just go ahead and tell her. Look at you, she might just be waiting for you to open up.”

“You think so?” He asked and I nodded. “Well she told me in the middle of a conversation she is in a relationship and since then…”

“That’s nothing. So long as she ain’t married yet, anything can happen. That’s women for you, trust me…”

“Fifi, I’m in love with you.” I lost the rest of my words as he cut in and continued. “I don’t know how you feel about this but it’s the truth.”
I was lost for words and began to pick my fingers. He held my face and stared into my eyes.

“I… I’m sorry but it’s not possible…” I refused to look at him, “I told you I’m in a serious relationship…”

“Are you now contradicting yourself?”

I was short for words again, “look Dickson, we’re not supposed to be here. Can you take me back to the hotel now? Please…”

He quickly planted a kiss on my lips and shut me up. I didn’t react for a while and he didn’t let go either. As I raised my eyes and met his, I didn’t know what happened, but I shut my eyes again and kissed hIm back.

Saturday morning and in a matter of hours Vera would be married to Desmond and her status would change. She was so excited so much that she woke me up as early as 05:00 in the morning. Before 07:00, the makeover crew would arrive for their art so we had to shower and get ready for them. As soon as I left the shower and into the room, Vera threw a question at me.

“Dickson told me what happened yesterday. Like seriously what came over you?”

I sighed and went straight to the dressing mirror without​ saying a word.

“Fifi I am talking to you?”

“What was I supposed to do? He kissed me without permission.” I retorted.

“Oh yes, and you slapped him? For God’s sake, how does that appeal to you?”

“I had no choice. For real that was the only thing I could do at that time.”

“For crying out loud, Dickson is a gentleman, one every lady would want to keep.” She preached.

“Oh yeah, I know he’s a gentleman that kisses a girl without permission. That sounds cool.”

“Are you kidding me? Like he jumped on you without any green light? I know better than that. Just gimme a break.” She waved her hand in the air in a rebuff gesture.

“Don’t be like that Vera, you know I have a boyfriend and I told him that. He ought to have respected that.”

“Really? You have a boyfriend? I don’t seem to know him.” Vera jeered. “By the way, tell me you didn’t enjoy the kiss Fifi.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” I shook my head and muttered a lie, “Stuff was so irritating.”

“Huh? It’s okay. You have a boyfriend, one you’ve been secretive about. Now see better dude, and you slapped him. I only mean well for you my dear.”

“Now see who’s talking about secretive. Why have you kept secret the reason for your breakup with Collins all this while?” I snapped with rage.

“Oh I see, seems you still have your mind on that. Come to think of it, why have you refused to get over Collins? I was the one that broke up with him and not you.”

“Same way I’m the one dating my boyfriend and not you.” I turned from the mirror and shot Vera a surprise attack. “Babe, don’t you think the same Voodoo that haunted Collins away from you can also wreck your marriage?”

I succeeded as my words struck her well. She froze and slowly turned to look at me. “Girlfriend, what’s the matter with you? Why now? Of all the days and times and hours, you chose now… Few hours to my wedding? Gosh, what are you up to?”

My words pierced through her like a spear. A little bit of remorse crept in but I didn’t care..

“So tell me, what do you intend to achieve?” She leaned backward and enquired thoughtfully. “Are you in anyway seeing Collins? Don’t tell me you’re communicating with him somehow.”

I took it well. I chuckled and replied calmly, “you are both pathetic and ridiculous at the same time. Just quit already, stop being petty. How is that possible?” I shook my head incredulously.

“Now listen baby girl, I’m just worried and concerned about you at the same time. Just like that your relationship with Collins snapped and it’s over, I was thinking he was the one you would have been tieing the knot with today but no, it’s someone else. Don’t you see? Something​ must be wrong. Can’t you smell it?”

“Unfortunately baby girl, I’m walking the aisle with Desmond and not Collins. And if you give me multiple chances, I’ll still choose Desmond over Collins.”

“Story for the gods,” I jeered. “We both know you lied. Because he now works in an oil company huh? Tsk tsk tsk…”

“Oh come off it, I was into him before the job, don’t forget too quickly but like I said, I would never have dated Collins even if he was the only man alive.”

I felt goose pimples. Now this was serious. This was my time and I had to use it well. “I lowered my tone and asked, “why? What is your issue with Collins?”

She sighed and stood up to leave.

“Not again, not this time. This is the only one secret that you’ve kept from me and I won’t let it slip because after today, I’m sure you’ll never talk about this again.

She heaved a sigh and folded both arms. “Okay, Collins is a sex maniac.”
I angled my head in disbelief and burst into laughter clutching at my belly as it rocked.

“What’s funny?”

“Are you just selling that to me hoping ​I’d buy?”

“I’m not kidding Fifi, he’s a lunatic. Collins is not normal.”

I stopped laughing and gathered myself. “Okay, I get you or lemme just pretend like I do. So because one is a sex maniac makes him a lunatic and abnormal. Girl, you’re boring.”

Vera just shook her head and stood watching me in disbelief as I returned to my seat before the mirror. We heard a knock and she went to get it. It was the makeover crew. While she was with them, I began to ruminate on what she just said about Collins being a lunatic and…Sex maniac- that I could understand but how is that a problem?

I smiled to myself and was about to write her off as being petty and boring when the image of Collins’s bedroom flashed into my head. I jerked at the thought and mistakenly knocked a bottle of fragrance to the tiled floor. The loud crash attracted the attention of the other party in the room.

“Babe, are you okay?” Vera asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s nothing.” I ran both hands over my head “

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