We’d hardly talked to each other on our way home. My tongue was tied and I couldn’t speak as a result of what had met my eyes downstairs as I went looking for my man.

“I don’t believe I started my marriage on this note…” I eventually broke the eery silence between us as we finished unpacking.

He didn’t​ say anything, rather he went into the bathroom. I sat on the bed and cried, clutching a pillow to my chest. What had I not done for Collins. I had never denied him sex and ensured each time he had it to his full no matter how sore my vagina felt. I had become a sex toy over the past few months of knowing and being with him.

“Why are you crying?” I didn’t hear him come out.

I turned around to find him naked. He had just showered. “Isn’t that a dumb question?”

“I think you’re just overreacting.”

“Overreacting you say?”

“Yes of course. What’s the big deal?” He asked.

His words dealt me a blow and he suddenly became irritable to me. “That I found my newly wedded husband frolicking in a pool with five girls is not reason enough to be mad? Eh Collins? What sort of rubbish talk is that? How long have we been married?”

“You should have simply joined the other ladies.” He said calmly. “Most of those people you saw there are couples, but no one gives a hoot. We mingle like that. If we must be spouses, then you need to get used to it. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, and variety is the spice of life. Don’t be so naive and conservative, look at the bright side of everything and you would be thankful.”

Oh my God! What nonsense was he talking about?

Collins came and sat beside me, “in that family, we don’t know who is married to who. When you’re horny, you turn to the nearest person to you.”

“You must be sick. So it’s true that you’re a lunatic?”

His face tightened in a frown. “What did you just say?”

“I said it’s true you’re a lunatic! I should have listened.”

“Who did you talk to?” He asked with rage writhing his face.

“What does it matter? It’s obvious that you are a lunatic. No normal person thinks the way you do.”

I had barely completed my sentence when a deafening slap landed on my face. Few seconds darkness befell me and left me groping for safety. Before I could catch my breath, another one came from the other side of my face and sent me crashing on the floor from the bed.

“I can’t see, oh God I can’t see.” I screamed.

“Are you going to tell me whom you’ve been talking to?” I heard him cross over the bed to where I was. I struggled to scurry away from him but he caught me with his strong arms. The same arms that were firm when we made out and contributed to our fun, were the ones that kept me from safety.

I was crying but he didn’t care, rather he pinned me to the floor yelling threats to my face. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t tell him.

“It’s Vera… It’s Vera.” I struggled to speak from choking under his grip on my neck.

“So you were discussing me with her and lied when I asked you?” He landed me more slaps, this time accompanied by punches from clenched fists. I wrestled to defend myself from the punches but it seemed to do little.

He tore my clothes off my body and raped me. I lied there, motionless and passive, writhing in pain as he had his way until he was done and left me alone on the floor, crying with the little strength left in me. Collins dressed up and left the house that evening and never returned until the next day.

When I acquired some strength, enough to get me off the floor, I dragged myself to the bed and propped myself against it. My head ached. I didn’t know who to talk to. I was alone and really alone in this. I couldn’t deal with complaining about the marriage I boasted about just a day after it started. Who would even make a sense from what I might have to say? It would just be awkward. How would I explain that my husband was swamped by five ladies and doing orgy sex in my post wedding party while I dozed off in the bedroom upstairs.

I dragged myself ​further towards the bathroom and on getting by the mirror I decided to have look. I had become black eyed, with a red patch on my left white eye, the very eye that received a larger number of the punches. I needed a doctor.

After cleaning up, I knew I had to do something, call someone or at least get some medication. I dressed up in something nice and casual.

I fluffed my hair so it would fall freely and cover the landmarks Collins had planted on my face. I picked a pair of shades from their rack and thought it covered well.

I started leaving only to get to the exit door and realised it was locked. I had been locked in by Collins. What was he wishing me? It was three hours since he left and my head was still pounding from the panel beating I received from him. I slumped into one of the couches and remained there for a long time before searching the entire house for any medicine I could find. Fortunately, I found some pain relievers and took them. Few minutes later, I slept off.

I was still sleeping when I noticed someone’s presence in the room. I was still trying to wake up when Collins joined me in bed and hugged me tight from behind. He remained that way and didn’t let me wriggle free from his grip. He kissed my neck and whispered into my ears.

“I’m sorry baby. It all ended yesterday. It will never happen again.”

I broke down and cried.

That morning, he served me breakfast in bed and pecked me at every chance he got. But my friends on Facebook have always opined that once a man starts to beat his wife, it never ends.

I was yet to know how true that could be. At least, I was married now and ready to have a first hand experience of all that.

I picked up my phone and left the contacts list where I had been battling the temptation to call Vera. She was the only person who could at least, understand. After I put the phone aside, Collins spread before me two passports and other documents that certified our trip to Dubai where the end began.

Collins was at the airport on my arrival. The first thing I spotted was his succulent lips. I didn’t really know why I felt so enthused about him or this visit in particular, maybe it was just all the events surrounding Vera’s engagement and wedding. They were so dramatic like in the movies, so unreal, the sad thing being, they were real.

Back to his lips, they looked soft and tender like a baby’s. I was tripping already and felt a bit lubricious below.

He took my luggages from me and loaded them in the trunk and returned to give me a tight embrace. Collins held the door for me to enter the car and he zoomed off as soon as he was behind the wheel. The drive to his house was swift and smooth. As soon as we arrived home, he began unloading the luggages while I headed to my room.

“Hello,” he called my attention. “This way please.”

“I…” I started to say but he cut me off.

“Yeah I know, we’re staying in my room this time.”

Collins’s room? I tried to speak, but could only gape. No way I was going to stay in Collins’s room. But how would he take my objection and rejection? Before I could utter another word, he was on his way to his room while I followed reluctantly, dragging my feet behind him.

I stood at the entrance of the bedroom not knowing how to enter. The sight of the other day kept flashing through my head. I wanted to retreat to the sitting room when he called me and asked what was keeping me.

I slowly shoved the door and peered through the gape created. I caught a glimpse of a lemon green duve, rolled halfway over a white floral bedsheet. The pillows were multicoloured, about six of them, arranged on the large family size bed.

I stepped in, holding the door ajar. The room had become brilliant and cozy. The colours seemed to have been carefully selected to appease and seduce a lady- although in my case, I was already a horny lady waiting to be devoured. The room had changed from what I saw, perhaps I was simply disillusioned. Maybe I had been hallucinating all this while. What the hell was wrong with me? This room looked like heaven, I thought I may never have need for heaven if I’d be made to stay in this room.

I smiled and studied the room with a slow swipe of the eyes around me.

“The last time you came, did you at any point come in here?” He threw the question I wasn’t expecting and drew a gasp from me.

“Uhmm… Come in here? How is that possible? It was always locked.”

His unflinching stare never left my eyes as he searched for what I didn’t know.

“Why did you ask? Is there any problem?”

“No, not at all. You know, you were searching the room like you have been here before.”

I laughed. “You sound like you worked on this room in anticipation of today.”

He smirked and shook his head, “you’re a genius. But no, the room has always been like this. Just changed a few things to accomodate your taste.”

“Then I must say you did a good job.” I smiled and winked at him.
He smiled and spread his arms wide, “come here.”

I moved to cover the space between us, wrapped by his hands. He wrestled me to my back on the bed and started kissing me. Certainly, Collins seemed starved, evident in his extreme hardness and desire. The way he kissed me felt like he’d been thirsty and stranded in a desert, and eventually ran into an oasis. My mouth was the source of his life, and my tongue was his straw. He sucked my tongue and made me do same like one blowing a penis. We tongue wrestled while he began undoing my clothing.

In a matter of few seconds, my bra was exposed and my skin was met with the coldness from the air-conditioner- he had torn my gown impatiently. I arced my back so he could gain easy access to my hook and off he flung my bra across the room. I longed for him inside of me already, I wanted to feel his hardness and ruthlessness against the inner walls of my lubricious pussy.

I, in turn began to wrestle with his belt. He stood erect and helped me peel his trousers down to his knees, while he freed the Longman from his boxers- it was obviously angry judging by the veins. He helped me peel off my pant and tossed it aside, lifting my gown to reveal his heaven on earth.

“Oh baby, I can’t wait.” I cried, watching the throbbing pestle with a cap like a mushroom.

“Welcome back home my love,” was all Collins said before the drill began.

“Uhhhhh!” The first thrust drew a loud gasp of arrival from me. With my legs, wide apart in the air, Collins began digging like he was certain there was gold down there.

Each thrust hit the end walls of my pussy and sent me into electrocution. The feeling was sizzling and felt like I would stop living at the next thrust.

Five minutes later, we were both speaking gibberish and swearing at each other. He quickly withdrew from me and I couldn’t believe the Longman hadn’t shrunk one bit. He pulled me to the edge of the bed and turned me over. “Show me that arse baby lemme rock your back till you can’t sit again.”

I chuckled and pushed my buttocks up an elevated angle. He exclaimed at that sight and found his way back using his hand to guide long man back in. He bent over and grabbed my boobs while digging further inside. I didn’t​ know how I just felt but I was out of my body.

At one point, I begged him to stop or I’d die but again, I thrust my arse backward against his groin area which made him feel I implied he wasn’t thrusting hard enough. Collins was a beast, he went for the kill, thrusting faster and harder while I screamed my breath out.

Soon we both rocked and tensed as he came inside me. I could feel the hot fluid spurting against my walls, wrestling with those coming from me and causing an eruption.

He collapsed on me and we both lay there with his penis right inside me. It felt good. Our heavy panting could be heard from over fifty meters away.

“Did you say you have a surprise for me? Could there be anymore surprise?” I managed to ask amidst heavy panting.
Collins chuckled and kissed my earlobes. “This is just welcome to Lasgidi… Let’s go and shower, this journey is still very far.”

And for real, the journey was still far, more so, the story changed steam…

Collins set the heater temperature and filled the bath tub while I went unclad to the kitchen to fetch some apples, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, groundnuts and a large bottle of chilled yoghurt. I blended all together and poured the yoghurt into the mixture. I was feeling hungry but couldn’t wait until we finished bathing before eating something, I was scared that with the way Collins was going, I might never survive it. Funny right?

“You missed a call.” He informed me from the bathroom door.

I placed the ‘concoction’ on the bed and went to seek my phone. “It was actually five missed calls from Vera. Funny enough, she hasn’t totally gotten over you.”
“You discuss me with Vera?” He grimaced.

“Not really. I just wanted to know what she felt about your breakup with her.”

“Did she say anything?”

“She refused to say. But she is not over it yet. That girl is just something else. Thank God I’ve moved on. She should just be on her own and enjoy her jankered marriage. Tsk!”

Collins came out from the bathroom naked and found my concoction on the bed. “What is that?”

“It’s​ what I call concoction. A mixture of apple, cucumber, banana, carrots, groundnuts and yoghurt. It’s cool and tastes nice. Look, it’s quite thick and pasty and creamy.”

“That’s smoothie. Hope that doesn’t purge us to death this night?”

“Oh, call it whatever you like but after taking this, you will thank me later.”

Collins smiled and joined me on the bed. I poured out the content into little bowls and insert a spoon each. He liked it, it’s taste was unique with the sour taste and chilled temperature of the yogurt making it spot on. We fed each and ended up playing with the excesses. Soon, we both had our bodies covered in the paste of the smothie.

Collins carried me into the bathroom and stepped into the lathering tub. He invited me in to sit just in front of him. His tub was large enough for the two bodies to at least move around but not without making contact. We had our legs stretched out against our genitals. I delighted in tossing his pestle with my toes and poking his sack. He smiled, he liked it.

We bathed without looking away from each other, admiring our bodies in any way we could. When it was time to drain the lathered water so we could rinse, he asked me to unplug the drainage. I did and the water began to drain.
Just as the tub was draining it’s last, I heard the clang of metal against ceramics and groped in the lather to know what it was.

“What are you looking for?” He asked.

“I heard something.” I said and felt the metal. I withdrew my hand from the lather and blew air on it to clear it for a better vision at a golden ring with a large diamond stone.

“What is this?” I asked perplexed. My face twitched into horror as many thoughts flashed into my mind in split seconds. Was he seeing someone else? The ring surely belonged to another woman whom he also shared the bath tub with. How could I have been a fool all this time? My face was red with blush. “Who’s she?” I asked with a stern quaky voice.

Collins chuckled and calmly replied, “it’s you baby… Will you marry me?”
My jaw dropped as I tried to understand what he was saying as if he had spoken Latin before.

“I can’t think of anyone else but you baby. I want us live together as husband and wife. Please my queen, marry me. Just say yes.”
I put both hands on my chest and laughed. I handed him the ring and stretched out my left hand and middle finger. “Put the damn ring on my finger silly boy.”

He made a facial expression of mock refute and took the ring from me, we both burst into laughter. He put the ring on me.

I admired the ring and hugged it tight. I had a better and more expensive ring than Vera. I leaned forward and hugged him with my slimmy lathered body. That wasn’t going to pass without electric. I kissed him.

“Thank you baby. I promise to be your wife and give you my whole body, soul and all. I will be loyal to you forever. We locked gazes for a while before he stretched his hand and put on the shower so it splashed water directly on my face.
We guffawed and he turned me around so I had my back to him. My massive behind was rubbing against his cockin and that didn’t seem funny at all. He washed lather off our bodies and using the hand shower. He showered my boobs and caressed them at the same time. He ran the splashes all over me sensually while nibbling at my earlobes and neck, standing my hair’s with the breath of his nostrils.

“Hmmmm…” I helplessly let out a soft moan.
Collins lowered the shower to my thighs and crotch, I involuntarily spread my legs and placed them on either sides of the tub squirming and bucking my hips in rhythm to his soft torture.

“Oh my, babyyyy…” I whispered, wriggling all over him. I whimpered and kept making tiny buzzing sounds, dying slowly.

“I’m hungry baby, can you now feed me that pussy?” Collins whispered over my neck.

The sound of his voice behind me sent shivers down me, but the idea of getting a head, melted me. I moved away from him and turned around.

I knelt with both knees on both of his flanks. Collins slid down a bit so his face came level with my crotch. Oh dear, he breathed on my crotch before splashing on it again.

“Eat the living dead outta me baby.” Before he could say a word, I’d grabbed his head and shoved him into my crotch.

He kissed below my navel and ran his tongue symmetrically down to the divide of my labia. He used his tongue to slit the curtains of my labia for the inner pinnacle to be revealed. Collins had no respect for holiness at all. That which was hidden in the inner chamber, he exposed with his tongue and flickered it over the erected clit that stood, yearning for attention.

“Uhhhhh…” I jerked as he made contact. This felt totally different. I almost had a seizure. WTF!
Collins applied pressure with his tongue and began running it slowly up and down with every wetness he could garner. I looked so apologetic with a sorry face begging for attention.

He dropped the shower and used both hands to separate the labia to avoid further restriction.

Ever seen a man diligent in his tasks… Collins was dining with kings already. He planted his lips on my labia and suckled at it with vacuum in his mouth.

“Yeeee!” I let out a sharp cry but he grabbed my buttocks and pressed my waist against his face. No hope of escape, just death awaiting me. I clung on to him and almost fell off the tub but for his strenght with which he grabbed.

“Yeeaaah! Uhhhhh! Aaarrrgggg!” I couldn’t stop screaming and he did dare to stop. Rather, he began tongue-fucking me. I kept on screaming.

“I’m coming… I’m coming uhhhhbhh!” I clung to him as I tensed and stopped feeling my limbs. I felt all the juice rush out while he took them all. He slid his two fingers in me like trying to dig up something and feeling the rough mound just under my clitoris. He thrust in and out until I cried and rocked my waist as the entire fluid came rushing for the second time in a row. What was I in for?

I grabbed his erection and was about to reciprocate when he opted against if and kissed me on the forehead.

“Join me in bed.” He said and grabbed a towel.
There was something about his countenance I didn’t like. But what ever it was, would be sorted out in bed.

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