I surveyed the area for the last time, reached inside my black jacket and touched the pistol my brother gave me minutes earlier. “it has only one bullet. You are not going in there to shoot anybody but i’m giving it to you because no knows what might happen when you get there” he said as he gave me the little weapon, equally giving me a quick lesson on how to use it. With one quick breathe, i scaled the fence, wounding as barbed wires tore my trouser. But the injury was nothing compared to the wound in my heart. I pushed on, very determined to finish the task ahead. In no time i was at the backyard. I quickly headed straight to the garden and stopped for a minute to take a look at the crime scene where the detective believed my husband was murdered. Tears instantly fell from my eyes. “Damian i believe you are watching. I know you are right here. I know a murdered spirit is always at the spot where his life was taken away. Yes I believe in it. I believe in superstition. I can’t do this without you. Please help me” i cried quietly, picked up myself and walked into the building with determination. All the security lights were glaring as i made my way into the big house. But instead of being caught with the help of the lights, i was guided to the guest rooms by the same wonderful lights. However it really wasn’t easy knowing the particular room to check. I had to start from the first room downstairs, but luckily the first three rooms were locked, leaving me with no choice than to move over to the fourth room. I slowly opened the door but the room was very dark inside. I couldn’t see anything. I drew back to the corridor, closed the door and checked my recorder which was in good working condition. I smiled with satisfaction, safely tucked it back into the butt pocket of my jacket, pulled out a small touch light from my trouser and slowly walked into the room, flashing my torch light.“who the heck is that?” a lady suddenly screamed from the bed, switching on the electric table lamp by her side, and revealing her face in the process. She was no other person than Esther Hardey.

The lady i came looking for. I breathed deeply, drew back, locked the door and switched on the main lights of the room which equally revealed my face to the frightened lady. “oh shi.t, you?? You got to be kidding me” she instantly smiled on seeing my face, equally regaining all her composure as if she was sure I wouldn’t do anything to her. I quickly pulled out my gun from the jacket while she scoffed on seeing it.“oh please” she hissed, sat up on her bed, grabbed a stick of cigarette and lighted it. “what the hell do you want?” she asked coldly.
“You have to tell me how you did it or i swear, I will blow off your head right now. I didn’t come all the way here to laugh with you” i threatened
seriously. Esther breathed deeply, stared at me for some seconds before shrugging. “fine, sit down you will have your story” she said
cautiously. “don’t worry about me, just talk” i pushed on harshly.
“but why do you want to know how your husband died?. Anyway here is your story. You are still going down no matter what” she said with a smile, reached for the bottle of strong wine by her side, poured out a shot and gulped it all down. “you Africans are very dumb. You are nothing but an opportunist. You deserve whatever that is coming to you” she breathed fiercely. “do you know that I’ve been with Damian since my childhood. We were together all through high school and college. We were together till a silly friend of his dragged him to Africa. Everything changed from that moment, but i still waited and hoped. Then what?” she stopped, shook her head, sucked on her cigarette and blew out thick clouds of smoke, equally studying me cautiously.
“i heard that a black thing like you has gotten him completely off the hook. It was unbelievable. I couldn’t take it. I swore to ruin everything” she poured out while my hand trembled. “I made plans with my cousin who agreed with me in everything. We all joined Damian’s mother and her train. Together we came to Nigeria” she stopped and blew out more smoke from her mouth.“do you smoke?” she asked quietly. “no just continue with the story?” i urged. “we arrived Nigeria and i still tried my best to stop him from marrying you but no he wouldn’t listen. So after the wedding when everyone was carried away with excitement. I discreetly told him to meet me at the garden by 12am. It was a long wait, but he finally showed up and i got him distracted while my cousin slit him up. It was a clean revenge, but the whole plan changed when
we got to the room and saw you deeply asleep. Instead of killing you, we decided to pin the crime on you by getting your prints on the murder weapon. Unfortunately your mother inlaw spoiled everything the next morning by pulling out the knife from her dead son’s body. Anyway you are still damned. I heard the case is being moved over to my country” she concluded with a laugh while a cold shiver ran down my spine. That exact moment, somebody pushed on the door leading to the room which i earlier locked, drawing my attention and equally making me take my eyes off Esther. With that split opportunity, she pounced on me like a tiger, knocked me down and opened the room door. A white muscular guy walked in and grinned at me. “oh what do we have here?” he asked with a cold smile. I instantly knew he was the murderer. The idiot that murdered my husband…..

I picked up my gun and nervously pointed it at the huge white guy who simply scoffed, drew forward and grabbed the gun, slapping me at the same time and sending me down with a ferocious kick on my left leg. he cursed coldly, while Esther placed a hand on his shoulder and laughed.
“i heard noises from my room. I couldn’t imagine who you were talking with by this hour, so I decided to check up on you” he explained while
she nodded. “yea i knew you would come. That was why I slightly raised up my voice when talking to the idiot” she replied and spit on me. I stared at them like a caged animal, clueless on what next to do.
The tape however was still in my jacket recording everything that was happening, but it equally added to the tension in me. I was scared they were going to search me and discover it. “so what’s she doing here?” he asked Esther who shrugged and eyed me.“she broke out of detention to query me on how her silly husband died” she answered.
“now what do we do with her, should we wake everyone in the house and tell them of her presence?” she asked the guy. “we have to tie her up first before thinking of what to do next. Hold the gun, let me go get a rope” he answered and passed the gun to her. “don’t try anything funny if you still value what’s left of your life” he threatened and headed to the door while i shook with fear. Fortunately as he opened the door to leave the room, a big stick landed on his head, sending him back to the room with a powerful force while he screamed out in pain. I couldn’t believe my eyes as i saw my brother walk into the room like a super hero. I was over joyed and stunned. But my joy was short lived because Esther instantly drew back with fear, aimed and fired the only bullet in the gun at my brother. “nooooooo” i screamed and leaped at her like a hyena…. Of course the whole plan looked ruined that fateful moment.

I pushed Esther to her bed, grabbed the gun and rushed to my brother who luckily was still standing. “are you hurt?” i asked nervously. “thank God she missed, let’s get out of here” he answered and held my hand, but instantly, Esther grabbed me from behind and dragged me back to the bed, delivering few punches on my face. My brother tried separating us but the muscular white guy closed in on him, throwing out a punchwhich my brother dodged. In no time, the room turned into a battle field. My brother and i desperately struggled to wade them off and run away, while Esther and her guy did everything possible to hold us back. It really was a violent confrontation. In no time we were all bleeding. However the earlier gunshot and noise we made as we fought soon attracted everyone in the house. In a matter of minutes the room was filled with surprised white folks, the two Nigerian gate men and two other black male servants. We were instantly separated and surrounded while Esther smiled with a triumphant look in her eyes.
“they came to murder us in our sleep. Can you imagine?. She even brought a gun” She complained breathlessly, while every other person in the room gasped with shock. Damian’s mother came forward and looked into my eyes. “how did you get out of jail?, why did you kill my son, why are you here?, and what did we do to you?” she asked coldly.
Tears fell from my eyes, I breathed deeply and controlled myself. I had to act cool. It was the first time i was being given a listening ear. “I never killed Damian, I never killed your son. Idoubt if any black woman will kill a man who has good intentions for her. I came here looking for answers. I had to brave all odds to be here. The police believes Esther killed my husband. I had no choice than to try get a confession out of her” I poured out. “don’t tell me you are listening to that” Esther suddenly shouted. I turned, looked at her and smiled. “oh no they won’t listen to me, but will listen to this” i smiled, pulled out the small recorder which surprising was still recording, stopped it and turned on the tape. The whole room went dead as everyone listened…..

The tape wasn’t as audible and clear as i hoped it would be, nevertheless it was loud enough for everyone in the room to listen easily. My heart pounded with excitement as everyone listened to Esther’s confession which really was accurate and up to point. Such a perfect confession it was… Seriously Esther underestimated me by not thinking that i could come up with such invention. Yea just like most of the white folks in the room, she thought we blacks were foolish and incapable of thinking straight. I never knew what gave them such mentality, however i must confess, none of them uttered such word to my face but their behaviour clearly showed the resentment. The first rule of every fight is never to underestimate your enemy but Esther clearly abused that rule and sold out herself in a way I never imagined. Seriously i never expected her to give such detailed confession to me. It was simply amazing and unbelievable. Her behaviour was a very stupid one but to be sincere nobody would have expected a woman in my condition to come up with such an awesome plan. She never had any reason to believe that I could come up with something very unique. In her mind i was a very bitter woman who might equally be mentally unstable due to the trauma I was passing over my husband’s death.
As the tape played, she slowly coloured up while atmosphere in the room grew tense and grim. I forced out a smile, nodding as the message delivered across to everyone in the room. On getting to part where the fight broke out. I switched off the tape and breathed deeply.
“That’s what i came to get. That’s my defence. I’m no murderer. You all heard the confession” I breathed with satisfaction. My brother came
forward and took the recorder from me while the muscular guy who fought us minutes earlier, rushed to my gun which was lying on Esther’s bed, but before he could get to it, almost all the guys in the room, rushed and held him down. Esther slowly sat on the floor and cried.
“This is a set up. Nooo” she cried. Damian’s ,mother drew forward, hugged me and cried. “you just changed my believe towards Nigerians.
You went all the way to the end of the road to prove your innocence. You did what only few women will be brave to do. While i harboured my son’s killer, you took every risk to find the truth” she cried bitterly.
“Mum please stop. I’m just satisfied that your eyes has opened” i breathed. It was such an emotional scene. Oh how i wish you guys were there to witness it all…..

“You guys should please call the police” Damian’s mother cried on my shoulder while one of the guys in the room left instantly to do her bidding. I also threw a look at my brother who quickly brought out his phone and called detective Jeremiah. “the police will soon be here, please stop crying. You got to consider your eyes” i begged solemnly. “let’s go to my room dear, we have a lot to talk” she said softly, pulled away from me, grabbed my hand and led me to her room while my brother stayed behind {with the other men in the room} to keep an eye on Esther and her so called cousin who hid his face with shame. On getting to the old lady’s room, she prepared two cups of hot tea, offered one to me and drank the second one.
“i’m so deeply ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry for everything. Seriously i have known Esther for such a long time. I never believed she was
capable of committing murder in a foreign soil” she apologised softly with tears in her eyes. “i have nothing against your behaviour towards
me. Most women would do the same. So please stop troubling yourself” i begged. “we are heading back to the states in two days.
Hope you are coming with us?” she asked. I breathed deeply and looked down.
Seriously i wasn’t expecting such question because all my focus was on exonerating myself to avoid standing trial in America but things now
has changed. I had every reason to go with them, if not for anything else but to participate in my husband’s burial. But i just felt indecisive
when she popped up the question. I couldn’t utter a word.
“you have to testify against Esther and her accomplice. They will stand trial in my country, moreover you also have a big role to play in my
son’s burial” she pushed softly. “i know mum, but i do have some unfinished things i have to take care of in Nigeria. I also can’t stand the courtroom. I know how the justice system in your country works. Esther’s defence lawyer will try to tear me apart. I really can’t stand any of it, not after all i have passed through already. My heart is very broken. I need time and space to heal. I believe the tape will be enough to convict her” i answered softly, tears filling my eyes.
“what are you saying?. You mean you are not travelling with us?” the old woman asked curiously. I dropped the tea cup i was holding, drew close and stared at her. “i just need only three weeks to recover and tidy up myself. I will come over in the fourth week. Please” i begged. She breathed deeply and swallowed hard.
“it’s okay, i understand your position. I will keep the burial things on hold till you join us. But Esther’s trial will commence immediately we
arrive the states” she said softly. I unsuccessfully tried to fight back the tears building up in my eyes. Detective Jeremiah walked into the room that very moment with a smile on his face. “the suspects are now in my custody but i’m afraid i also have to take Mrs Damian with me.
You know she’s supposed to be in jail” he addressed the old lady who quickly sprang up to my defence…… Is a wrap……THE END

NB… Nobody or anybody is given the right to copy,hire, write or use the story either in part or as a whole in books or films without the prior notice of Prince Tunde… call 08037570243…

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