Happy Sunday Mr. President…for the second time I congratulate you and the party (APC) on the hard fought and deserved victory in the last general election. It was obvious from the votes that Nigerians needed a CHANGE; the kind of change we all wanted may not be too clear to many but we surely need a change because change is the only constant thing in life. The change Nigerian clamour for are changes that will impact our life’s in all ramifications, nobody can perform the miracle our LORD JESUS CHRIST performed by turning water into wines on a wedding day that’s why we don’t expect your magic or miracle in four years; yet after four years developmental plans should have been on ground to be followed religiously subject to change as the years progress.


Our main and most critical problem is power (electricity), is certain government can’t handle business, private sector drives the economy but how practicable is our so-called private entrepreneurs who buys this companies and yet the country suffer more under no light and yet bills keep coming, if I don’t make calls with my cell phone why should I pay for unused credit card? Their are many questions begging for answers power sector reforms, the generation and distribution are nothing to write home about; is obvious is a money siphoning industry. After about two years of power sector privatisation we yet to see the power in our homes, even the industries have to light to power their offices much more produce, goods produced in Nigeria are more expensive that those produced in Africa and Europe, importation strive like a sector and foreign fabrics, electronics etc flood the country like garbage. Our power (electricity) should be the key to our CHANGE because with power more jobs will be created, small business will thrive more, big industries will be stable, prices of goods will reduce, more industries will come into the country, our economy will blossom to mention a few. If we know all these why still destroy our economy with bad power……???


The idea of winner take all syndrome in our political dictionary is barbaric in Africa, we have technocrats young and old who know their onus in their chosen fields and are ready to turn the country round…. To be continued

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