Today will not go in the history of aviation in Nigeria without referring to the epoch making event that took place exactly 90 years ago in the city of Kano. Three wooden aircraft (DE HAVILLAND DH.9A) made their first landings early in the morning of November 1, 1925.
According to Flight, a publication in the United Kingdom published the report on the flight to Kano dated  5 November, 1925 which happened to be four days after the flights: “Cairo-Kano Flight -THE three R.A.F. pilots, Sq -Ldr. Coningham and Flt.-Lieuts. Baggs and Rowley, who left Cairo on October 27 in three D.H.9A biplanes for Kano, Nigeria, reached their destination on November 1.  From Wady Haifa they proceeded to Khartoum on October 28, thence, next day, to El Fasher via El Obeid. They next flew across French territory to Abeshr and Fort Lamy (Lake Chad). They have now to make the return flight.”
It is worth celebrating because it has given  Nigeria opportunity to participate in the progress of aviation throughout the globe.
The Media Age Communications is putting up a 2-day event in venerating this event. A  breakfast seminar to further exposed documents will take place on the 6 November.  Also, a Road Walk to bring stakeholders together in the same celebration will hold the following day 7 November.

Ministry of Aviation, FAAN, NCAA, NAMA, EAN Aviation, Air Peace, Med-View Airlines, Toprass, AIB and First Nation are all partnering with Media Age to celebrate the 90 years of Aviation in Nigeria events.

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